Save the Flags is a project jointly administered by the Michigan State Capitol and the Michigan State Historical Center. From the initiation of the project numerous groups, families, descendants, schools, Civil War reenactors, historians, veterans and many other private citizens have come forward to support the conservation of this amazing collection. We are indebted to them for their continued support. We have also enjoyed the support of many organizations who have assisted us in educating the general public about these rare artifacts. Many of these organizations have produced, in cooperation with Save The Flags, some wonderful resources for information about the collection including some very well produced video segments. Please see the links below to learn more about the battle flags.

WLNS, 11/7/2017
Medal of Honor: Mundell, Ranney and Withington - An new report posted by Justin Kree

Michigan DNR, 6/29/2017
These flags flew: Revisiting Michigan's World War I flags - An article by Eric Perkins

Lansing State Journal, 07-02-2016
Marked by blood and bullets, flags record Michigan's Civil War sacrifice. - An article by Kathleen Lavey

City Pulse, 07-06-2016
Raise the Flag Event celebrates 150th annivesary of Michigan soldiers returning from the Civil War. - An article by Bill Castanier

Michigan Radio, 07-07-2016
Flags help us remember service and sacrifice of Civil War Soldiers. - An article by Stateside Staff

WKAR, 07-08-2016
Lansing event Saturday will commemorate MI Civil War flags. - An article by Scott Phol

Each collection shown on this site features a unique aspect of Michigan's history.

Michigan Time Traveler
An educational supplement for kids produced by Lansing Newspapers In Education, Inc. and the Michigan Historical Center.

A moving story of the return of the flags, contributed by Matt VanAcker, Co-chair of "Save The Flags".

"No Man Can Take Those Colors and Live" - An article chronicling an epic battle between the 24th Michigan and the 26th North Carolina at Gettysburg.

"Michigan in the American Civil War"  Publication

"Rare Civil War Flags Unfurled in Lansing" - An article by Kim Schneider

Lansing Public Media 1
Exploring Michigan History Episode 2 - from Lansing Public Media

Lansing Public Media 2
Exploring Michigan History Episode 4 - from Lansing Public Media

"Replica Cannons Restore Civil War Presence at Capitol" - by David Eggert, Associated Press

Michigan Civil War Blog
A blog exploring Michigan and the American Civil War

Destination Michigan - Season 7, Episode 4
Take a tour of the State Capitol grounds in Lansing!

Flag: Silent sentinels of history? by George Hohmann, West Virginia Press Association

"Oh, Could They But Speak" - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
A video about the Civil War produced by Michigan Government Television, featuring commentary by Kerry Charktoff

Seventeenth Michigan Infantry Guidon Battle Flags
Seventeenth Michigan Infantry Guidon Battle Flags
Photo Courtesy of Save the Flags