In 2015 the Michigan State Capitol Commission debuted a virtual tour of our beautiful Capitol. Enter the tour, which is organized by floor, below. Move your cursor over the bottom of the tour screen and click on headings and individual boxes to navigate between floors and rooms. Click on the white arrows to move from space to space.

Tour stops include the Capitol’s Tour Orientation Rooms (ground floor), the Capitol’s Rotunda (ground floor, floor one, floor two, floor three, and floor four), the First Floor Corridors, (floor one), the Governor’s Office (floor two), the House and Senate Chambers (floor two and floor three), the Senate Appropriations Committee Room/historic Supreme Court Chamber (floor three), and the House Appropriations Committee Room (floor three).

Hotspot markers — white circles that contain a gray plus sign — are located throughout the tour. Click on these markers to see a 360ยบ video of the Rotunda, explore the Capitol’s Portrait Collection, and learn more about the Muses in the dome (best viewed from the fourth floor).

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