Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837. Today almost 10 million people live in Michigan, and we rank as the 8th largest state in the country. We’re a unique state for many reasons, including the fact that Michigan is the only state made up of two peninsulas (the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula), and we touch four of the five Great Lakes! (Do you know which ones?) We’re world famous for our beautiful beaches, our cars, and tart cherries!

Capitol Building
Learn more about some of the most significant rooms in the Michigan State Capitol.

Capitol Facts

Did you know that Michigan’s Capitol is 267 feet tall? Brush up on Capitol facts here!

Student Orientation Video
Prepare for your upcoming Capitol tour by watching our new student orientation video!

A Capitol Idea
The Michigan State Capitol is partnering with the Library of Michigan to showcase and share images, historical documents, and other Capitol treasures! This collection will continue to grow, so check in frequently!

Capitol Square
Capitol Square is home to beautiful Victorian-inspired flower beds.

Legislative Publications
The Michigan Legislature publishes a variety of free booklets for students including coloring books and information about how laws are made. Check it out here!

Michigan Legislative Biography Database
Over 5,500 people have served in the Michigan Legislature since the state was founded in 1835. Learn more about individual members or groups of legislators by using the Library of Michigan’s Legislative Biography Database.

A Woman’s Place Is Under the Dome
Michigan ratified the 19th Amendment in 1919, and the next year Eva McCall Hamilton became the first woman elected to the Legislature. Learn more about the 200-plus women who have served in the Michigan House and Senate in this ongoing project.

Michigan’s Three Capitols
Michigan has had three capitol buildings, and two capital cities.

Capitol Online Collections
Browse through our online collections to view the many artifacts and photos that help tell the story of the Capitol!